IDEA Interprets Fear

May 1-13, 2018
The Ferry Building Gallery

IDEA Interprets is an annual poster show that explores a single theme through typography and illustration. Join the second year students from Capilano University’s IDEA School of Design as they face a universal and multifaceted emotion: Fear.

Social Anxiety
Alex Jukov

Left Feet
Ata Ojani

Trapped in my Telephonophobia
Atrin Yazdani-Biuki

Atrin Yazdani-Biuki

Fight vs. Flight
Brynn Staples

Fight vs. Flight
Brynn Staples

Courtney Lamb

Grow Up
Courtney Lamb

Childhood Fears
Danica Koller

We All Fall
Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams

Should I stay? Should I go?
Evelyn Chua

Fear of the Night
Yiling (Evalyn) Zhang

Evelyn Chua

Mark 39
Graeme Duckett

The Last Step
Graeme Duckett

Isaac Mak

Isaak Mak

The Root of Anger
Jack Comer

Fear No Beast
Jennifer Panata

The Odd One Out
Jennifer Panata

Fear Nothing
Mann Chalermwat

Fear of Failure
Mann Chalermwat

Look Out! Snakes!
Nada Hayek

Where Do I go From Here?
Nicole Shewchuck

Noah Kawamura

Fear and Hate
Noah Kawamura

They Know
Rachel Sekouri

Do I Dare?
Rebekah Maurice

Below The Bed
Rebekah Maurice

No Fear In Love
Sydney Toews

Fear of Not Reaching Creative Enlightenment
Teresa Cantu

Alex Joukov | “Social anxiety”

Alex grew up in Vancouver where she developed a strong aversion to writing bios about herself. Her poster is about a person feeling awkward at a party, or as psychiatrists call it, agoraphobia.

Ata Ojani | “Left Feet”

Ata is an old soul trapped in an old, dusty, wrinkly body. He is pleased by everything and afraid of nothing. His poster highlights the fear of dancing, but we all know the cure for two left feet are two double gin and sodas.

Atrin Yazdani-Biuki | “Trapped in my Telephonophobia“ and “Waves”

Atrin is that socially awkward child that needs a hug every hour. If you need a K-pop or K-drama specialist, she will gladly help you fall into misery over who to stan. The most unusual thing she’s afraid of is looking directly up into the sky.

Brynn Staples | “Fight vs. Flight”

Brynn likes words and pictures, and dislikes making decisions. Her poster is about the fight or flight response, but if you ask her to choose between the two, she will probably respond, “yes.”

Courtney Lamb | “Never Grow Up” and “Backcountry”

Courtney grew up on the Sunshine Coast in a little town surrounded by wilderness. Both of her posters are influenced by her upbringing and love of working with tactile objects. Although she keeps it a secret, she’s still afraid that horror film creatures are hiding in the dark.

Danica Koller | “Childhood Fears”

Danica grew up in Edmonton and left for Vancouver to escape the ten-month winters. Her poster capitalizes on old childhood fears that still haunt her.

Danielle Adams | “We All Fall” and “Breathe”

Danielle belongs in the woods and is terrified of being stuck in a treeless landscape of cookie-cutter houses and white picket fences. Her poster attempts to capture the sensation that many of us have experienced in dreams.

Emily Huynh | “Boxed” and “NO FOMO”

Emily is a petite Asian female who does not like to be put in a box. Her number one pet peeve is the pressure to conform based on physical traits, a vexation which inspired her poster.

Evelyn Chua | “Should I Stay? Should I Go?”

Evelyn hails from a sleepy town by the sea. Her poster showcases her love for intricacy and repetition in the jars’ varied contents. She’s easily scared of anything that makes her jump, especially horror movies.

Graeme Duckett | “The Last Step” and “Mark 39”

Graeme wears grey and lives in a grey room with no furniture. He fears material attachment. His posters are about the vague unease of stepping off escalators, and the time two nuclear bombs almost accidentally detonated in North Carolina.

Heather Haughn | “Fear of the Dark”

Heather is a pessimist trapped in the body of an optimist. Her poster attempts to capture the idea that the things we fear are often not as frightening as they appear. Despite this insight, she still puts a chair in front of her closet every night to keep out monsters.

Isaac Mak | “Red”

Isaac Mak grew up and still lives in Richmond, so it takes him an hour-and-a-half to get to school. His poster is influenced by the distress and fear that come with his profound social anxiety. Sometimes he cries when the wind is loud.

Jack Comer | “The Root of Anger”

Jack’s poster is a text-based exploration of the difficulties that can be involved in seeing the true motivations behind ignorance and hate.

Jennifer Panata | “Fear No Beast” and “The Odd One Out”

Jen spent most of her life indoors because it was too hot in Indonesia. After a 23-hour plane ride, she’s still spending most of her time indoors as she is a design student. Her two fear posters express her crippling social insecurities as well as her love for dogs.

John Michael Embalsado

John Michael is a born and raised Vancouverite that will only stop singing in order to sleep. He is personally offended by any organism with 6 or more legs.

Mann Chalermwat | “Fear of Failure” and “Fear Nothing”

Scared of everything and somehow still alive and sane, every trip out of the house is a great trek for Mann. His poster illustrates his crippling fear of failure and yet he still manages to fail fast and often. He’s also terrified of ghosts.

Nada Hayek | “Look Out! Snakes!”

Nada is put off by lots of things! Buff horses, extended eye contact with strangers, the worm guy from YTV’s “Freaky Stories”, and of course, spiders. None of which is featured in her poster. Instead, it’s got snakes and explores the idea that fear has a strong influence on our perception.

Nicole Shewchuk | “Where Do I Go From Here?”

Growing up by the beach and multiple retirement homes, Nicole has a cozy outlook on life. Her poster reflects the fear of leaving behind something familiar yet limiting, a feeling she experienced when she left her hometown of Qualicum Beach to pursue her dream in the city.

Noah Kawamura | “Deep” and “Fear and Hate”

Noah enjoys stealthily sketching unsuspecting passersby and writing about himself in the third person. His posters either examine the relationship between fear and hate or visualize the nameless terror that we all know lurks in the depths of the unknown.

Rachel Sekouri | “They Know”

Rachel was marooned in Vancouver by a tragic time machine accident; to this day, she still can’t differentiate sincerity and self-parody on her right side and must balance the Four Humours (coffee, beer, sriracha, and Coke Zero) to maintain homeostasis. Her poster is about what you did. Yes, you.

Rebekah Maurice | “Do I Dare?” and “Below the Bed”

Bek is best known for her sunny personality, bright colours, and hand lettering. This is exemplified in her fear poster which depicts a line from her favourite poem “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot. Although she’s got a strong spark for life she’s absolutely petrified of fire.

Sydney Toews | “No Fear In Love”

Sydney wasn't raised to be a minimalist obsessed with classical art and circus memorabilia, but here she is with a poster featuring romantic details of the Rococo Period. She has a strong fear of barracudas, which can make snorkelling a challenge.

Teresa Cantu | “Fear of Not Reaching Creative Enlightenment”

Teresa likes to sleep and eat tacos. She enjoys the odd social encounter and has become very fond of sour beer. Her poster is a reflection of her frustration with the project as she just couldn’t come up with anything dope.

Yiling (Evalyn) Zhang | “Fear of the night”

Yiling was born and raised in China. You can always find her crouching in her cave with a pencil and sketchbook. Her poster was inspired by a dream she had when she was young.

May 1 to May 13
Tuesday to Sunday (closed monday)
11am to 5pm

The Ferry Building Gallery
1414 Argyle Ave
West Vancouver, BC
V7T 1C2